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Honkai 3rdWeaponsJudgment of Shamash: Cataclysm

Judgment of Shamash: Cataclysm

Key of Destruction empowered by unlocking the Gene Limit. A Divine Key weapon from the Previous Era manufactured using the core of the 7th Herrscher. This weapon exercises mastery over the element of "Fire" and boasts unrivaled destructiveness.
ATK : 301 / CRT : 53 (at Max Lv 50)


EX: Shamash Assault

[SP: 20][CD: 35s] Smite the enemies in front of the wielder with the Judgment of Shamash. Enemies take 100% ATK + 65536x2 Fire DMG, have their Attack and Move speeds slowed by 30%, suffer 15% more Total DMG Multiplier from hits, receive 936 Fire DMG per second, and have a 10% chance of being stunned for 2.5s. Debuff duration: 15s. While activated, wielder gains Iron Body and 80% Total DMG Reduction. When the skill is active, character loses 13% Max HP/s for 5s but will not die from this effect.


Has a 10% chance of inflicting 3 Ignite Trauma per 1s. Deal 18% bonus Total DMG against ignited enemies.