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Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsJizo Mitama: Corruption

Jizo Mitama: Corruption

Key of Corruption empowered by unlocking the Gene Limit. A weapon from the Previous Era crafted using the core of the 12th Herrscher. It exerts mastery over the powers of "Corruption" to project and manipulate the wielder's will.
ATK : 298 / CRT : 56 (at Max Lv 50)


EX: Soul Appearance

[SP: 40][CD: 50s] Jizo Mitama (summoned entity) enters to aid the battle for 40s. Jizo Mitama deals multi-stage Physical DMG totaling 900% of ATK to enemies within a large area and knocks them airborne. Jizo Mitama has other attacking methods: Slash Attack: 500% ATK of Physical DMG in total. Dash Attack: 700% ATK of Physical DMG in total and knocks enemies airborne. Downward Cleave: 500% ATK of Physical DMG in total and knocks enemies airborne.

EX: Sightless

Character attacks against enemies knocked airborne gain 32% Total DMG Multiplier.