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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsIce Epiphyllum Spirit

Ice Epiphyllum Spirit

Nagamitsu, the legendary bladesmith who lived for a thousand years and the director of St. 1504 Labs, managed to partially characterize the structure of Sakura Blossom to create this imitation blade using Soulium. This weapon has powerful freezing abilities.
ATK : 245 / CRT : 4 (at Max Lv 50)


Snow Dance

[SP: 5] [CD: 18s] Generates a 3.5-meter radius frigid zone. Friendly units in the AOE deal 22.0% more Ice DMG for 5.5s. Enemies in the AOE will take a Freezing Bomb that explodes after 6s to deal 540 Ice DMG.

Glacial Bane

Gain 8.0% Elemental DMG. Receives an Energy Charge every 5s, allowing the next attack to gain 693 Ice DMG to enemies within a 5-meter radius. Goushinnso Memento equip bonus: Gain 200 Kinetic Energy.