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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsVoid Blade Spirit

Void Blade Spirit

A katana designed by the Mikoyan Design Bureau. It is shaped like two snakes biting each other's tail, forming the symbol of eternity.
ATK : 207 / CRT : 0 (at Max Lv 50)


The Ouroboros

[SP: 15][CD: 20s] Create a self-centered area of Time Slow lasting 4.00s, during which Basic, Combo, and Charged ATKs have 15.0% bonus Crit Rate and wielder restores 2 SP per second.

Energy Devourer

After a one-time consumption of 10, 40, or 70 SP, gain 10%, 20%, or 30% Physical DMG respectively for 8s. This effect cannot stack.