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Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsPositron Blasters

Positron Blasters

The PRI-ARM form of Hyper Railguns. A built-in particle accelerator that emits a beam of positrons has been added. The annihilation caused by the collision between a positron and an electron will unleash destructive power. The discovery of the PRI-ARM technology has opened up a whole new world for Anti-Entropy's research on anti-Honkai weapons. However, Einstein believes that their understanding of this technology is still at an extremely superficial level.
ATK : 418 / CRT : 27 (at Max Lv 65)


Positronic Beam

[SP: 0] [CD: 20s] Each hit deals 600% Physical DMG and inflicts 9 Paralyze Trauma. Can be charged 2 times. Knight Moonbeam equip bonus: Tap [ATK] right after casting the weapon active to immediately perform Combo ATK. All enemies hit by Positronic Beam suffer 20.0% Physical Vulnerability for 8s (can be refreshed but cannot stack).

Leaping Arc

Generate a Chain Lightning for every 20 hits the wielder makes (CD: 1.5s). Chain Lightning successively attacks up to 4 enemies within a 6-meter radius, dealing 650 Lightning DMG & 250.0% ATK of Physical DMG, and inflicting 3 Paralyze Trauma on non-paralyzed enemies. Knight Moonbeam equip bonus: Restores 1 SP for each enemy (2 SP for each paralyzed enemy) hit by Chain Lightning.

Aspect of Avaddon

The wielder gains 20% Move Speed and 50.0% Crit DMG for Combo ATKs. If wielded by Knight Moonbeam, her Evasion will boost her Physical DMG by 20.0% for 12s (CD:30s).