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Honkai 3rdWeaponsSkadi of Thrymheim

Skadi of Thrymheim

The PRI-ARM form of Skadi Ondurgud, Schicksal's first successful attempt at incorporating the features of a Godsbane battlesuit into its matching weapon. The crescent moon rises upon a graceful swing by its wielder, under which everything turns into pure rime and ice.
ATK : 403 / CRT : 35 (at Max Lv 65)



[SP: 0][CD: 11s] Large AOE ATK dealing 3x170% ATK of Ice DMG. Within the next 8s, affected enemies' first attack against the wielder deals 45% less Total DMG. Can be charged twice.

Ice Spirit

The wielder gains 40.0% Ice DMG, and another 15.0% Total DMG against PSY-type enemies; restores 2.00 SP upon hitting an enemy. CD: 4s.

Moonlit Rime

Weapon Active will be triggered when Argent Knight consumes Hypothermia; CD: 6.0s. When unleashing Ultimate, the wielder restores 20.0 SP and reset this skill's CD (the 2nd sequence of her Ultimate does not trigger this effect).