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Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsIris of Helheim

Iris of Helheim

The Midgard Serpent has long lost its poisonous fangs. The great wolf that has devoured the Allfather can never retrieve its heart. Even you, the herald of Helheim, cannot flip your wings in the land of the dead. Lady of Eternity, the guardian of River Gjöll, accept these rosemaries and lead us back to life.
ATK : 400 / CRT : 39 (at Max Lv 65)


Soul Awakener

[SP: 0][CD: 25s] Unleash soul-drinking mist around wielder to knock enemies airborne, deal 400% ATK of Lightning DMG, and trigger the following effects: Fallen Rosemary enters Valfreyja Form immediately, obtains Ulf/Strix/Ormr Runes, and fully restores Disir. Enemies in the mist are Bedazzled and take 80.0% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG from Ormr Rune's periodical lightning for 15s. Each Charged ATK boosts wielder's Total DMG by 25.0% for 15s (cannot stack).

Guiding Fragrance

Wielder's Charged ATK and Ultimate deal 30.0% bonus Lightning DMG. She deals 40.0% bonus Total DMG to enemies affected by Stain of Trickery.

Reflux of Gjöll

Fallen Rosemary equip bonuses: During Ultimate, Time-frozen Domain is triggered to pause all skill timers and the stage timer. Trickster only takes 2s to cast, during which all enemies are slowed, and gains a much larger attack range.