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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdWeaponsDomain of Ascension: Truth Continuity

Domain of Ascension: Truth Continuity

"The one challenging you right now isn't Herrscher of Reason, but... Bronya Zaychik." —Said the young girl, who gave up the legacy once promised to her. Only by recovering all that is lost can you prove your eligibility. She firmly believes so, and this is why she transcended the past.
ATK : 436 / CRT : 15 (at Max Lv 65)


Countable Infinity

Rapid-firing weapon that deals continuous DMG in a straight line. Overheats from extended use. Closer enemies receive more DMG, and those within 10 meters receive the most DMG. Grants the following buffs based on the number of Elemental DMG dealers on the team: For every Ice DMG dealer, the wielder deals 12.0% more Total DMG. For every Fire DMG dealer, all enemies receive 7.0% more Fire DMG. For every Lightning DMG dealer, Weapon Active restores team SP by 3.0; CD: 8s. The above buffs can only stack once. Herrscher of Truth equip bonus: The above buffs can stack 3 times (cannot stack with that of the same weapon).

Continuum Hypothesis

[SP: 0] [CD: 18s] Fires a piercing laser that deals 16 x 50.0% ATK of Ice DMG to enemies in its path, and ends with an explosion that deals 200.0% ATK of Ice DMG. Herrscher of Truth equip bonus: In Extremum form, casting weapon active triggers Ultimate Evasion Skill and unlocks a mecha weapon. In Continuation form, casting weapon active restores 50 Mech Propulsion and landing Basic ATK restores 5 Mech Propulsion.

Beyond Infinity

All team members' Elemental DMG increases by 10.0% (unique effect). After casting Ultimate, this bonus increases to 15.0% for 18s. Triggering it again refreshes its duration. After casting weapon active, the user's Ice DMG increases by 30.0% for 18s. Triggering it again refreshes its duration.