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Honkai 3rdWeaponsAbyss Flower - Liminal Spiral

Abyss Flower - Liminal Spiral

Abyss Flower - Liminal Spiral
ATK : 431 / CRT : 27

Best On

Original Weapon

Fresh Bud

[SP: 0][CD: 25s] Active [Fresh Bud] deals Physical DMG equal to 200% + 700.0% ATK and restores 15 SP and 200 HP. When the Active button flashes during certain enemy moves, a Throw counter can be performed unconditionally, controlling enemies and dealing Physical DMG equal to 20% + 800.0% ATK (does not reset CD). Bright Knight equip bonus: In Burst mode, the Active becomes Special ATK [Divine Bloom], dealing Physical DMG equal to 200% + 1,500.0% ATK, which counts as both Active and Ultimate DMG, and has a 30% bonus Crit Rate. When the skill ends, the target takes 4 x 10% ATK of bonus Physical DMG. While the Active is in progress, stage and combat mode timers and paused. Host exits Burst mode after they finish casting the active. Entering or exiting Burst mode resets Weapon Skill CDs.

Samsara Reversal

The wielder gains 25.0% Crit Rate. While in Burst mode, the wielder increases Physical DMG by 35% for 15s; performing an Ultimate Evasion reduces the Ultimate Evasion CD by 2s and enables the next [Divine Bloom] attack to deal an additional 800.0% ATK of Physical DMG (2 stacks max).

Creation And Destruction

Ultimate CD is reduced by 20.0%.In burst mode, Crit DMG increases by 20.0% for 15s. If no enemy is defeated by [Divine Bloom], the DMG multiplier of the next [Fresh Bud] becomes 200% + 1200.0%.

Key of Creation

In co-op raids, Valkyries deal 22.0% bonus Total DMG through weapon skills, Combo/Charged ATKs, and Ultimates. For 6s after casting a Weapon Active, Valkyries restore 1.5% max HP each time they deal DMG (can only be triggered one per second).

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