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Cosmic Duality

Cosmic Duality
ATK : 431 / CRT : 27

Best On

Original Weapon

Ocean of Yin

[SP: 25][CD: 24s] The wielder gains Ignore Interrupt and 10% ATK Speed for 10s, during which she restores 20.0 HP and 3 SP per 0.5s. Azure Empyrea equip bonus: The Spirit Shield from her Evasion Skill is reset immediately.

Ocean of Yang

Fu Hua equip bonus: Hitting an enemy with the final hit of any set of her combos boosts her Fire DMG by 18.0% for 18.0s (stacks up tp 3 times) and adds 1 charge (Max: 3). This effect can be triggered once every 2s; triggering it again resets the duration. Using the weapon active grants 3 stacks. When the wielder leaves the battlefield, each charge boosts teammates' Total DMG by 5.0% for 18.0s (triggering this effect again resets the duration), then all charges will be removed.

All-Embracing Ki

Whenever a team member casts Ultimate, the wielder restores 300.0 HP and 10.0 SP. Team-shared CD: 15s.

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