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Honkai 3rdWeaponsIris of Helheim

Iris of Helheim

Iris of Helheim
ATK : 401 / CRT : 39

Best On

Original Weapon

Soul Awakener

[SP: 0][CD: 25s] Unleash soul-drinking mist around wielder to knock enemies airborne, deal 400% ATK of Lightning DMG, and trigger the following effects:Fallen Rosemary enters Valfreyja Form immediately, obtains Ulf/Strix/Ormr Runes, and fully restores Disir. Enemies in the mist are Bedazzled and take 80.0% ATK of bonus Lightning DMG from Ormr Rune's periodical lightning for 15s.Each Charged ATK boosts wielder's Total DMG by 25.0% for 15s (cannot stack).

Guiding Fragrance

Wielder's Charged ATK and Ultimate deal 30.0% bonus Lightning DMG. She deals 40.0% bonus Total DMG to enemies affected by Stain of Trickery.

Reflux of Gjöll

Fallen Rosemary equip bonuses:During Ultimate, all skill timers on her and enemies are paused. Ultimate channeling time is reduced to 2s, during which all enemies are slowed. Trickster has a much larger attack range.

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