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Honkai 3rdWeaponsLance of Longinus

Lance of Longinus

Lance of Longinus
ATK : 287 / CRT : 21

Death of the Messiah

[SP: 0][CD: 25s] Unleash a thrust dealing 50% ATK of Physical DMG. Against enemies not in invincibility or Iron Body, this attack triggers a Throw to control enemies and deal 90% + 1400.0% ATK of Physical DMG. During certain enemy moves and when the active button in flashing, a Throw counter can be performed unconditionally, controlling enemies and dealing 20% + 800.0% ATK of Physical DMG (does not reset CD). The last hit of the Throw deals 50% bonus damage to shields. Asuka equip bonus: Charged ATK, "Mind, Matching, Moment", and Ultimate finisher deal 15.0% bonus Total DMG and have 15% bonus Crit Rate.

Etz Hayim

Wielder deals 30.0% bonus Physical DMG. Throws mark enemies for 30s (can be refreshed). When Combo or Charged ATKs from a teammate hit marked enemies, Lance of Longinus emerges to assist, dealing 100.0% ATK of Physical DMG (DMG source: teammate). Team-shared CD: 3s. Asuka equip bonus: Lance of Longinus' assist attacks restore 3.0 SP for her.

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