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Honkai 3rdWeaponsShuhadaku of Uriel

Shuhadaku of Uriel

Shuhadaku of Uriel
ATK : 420 / CRT : 20

Best On

Original Weapon

Ravaging Flame

[SP: 0][CD: 25s] A mighty slash dealing 100% + 900%/1600%/2500% ATK of Fire DMG at 0/1/2 charge(s) respectively and igniting enemies to further deal 50 Fire DMG per 0.5s for 3/5/9 seconds at 0/1/2 charge(s) respectively. Wield loses 8% of current HP per second for 5s after casting weapon active (will not cause death). Weapon active unusable below 10% HP. Weapon has 1 initial charge and gains 1 charge when at least 25 SP is consumed in one action. When cast at 2 charges, weapon active can be cast again in 2s to deal 2400.0% ATK of Fire DMG. For 45s after, wielder deals 80% less Total DMG, loses 20 SP per second, and cannot use weapon active again.

Solar Flare

Wielder deals 35.0% bonus Total DMG. Weapon active inflicts 23.0% Fire DMG Vulnerability on enemies for 10s. Wielder has 30.0 bonus initial SP, but this effect does not work in Open World.

Stellar Crown

After weapon active, wielder takes 30.0% less Total DMG and deals 50.0% ATK of Fire DMG per second to enemies nearby for 15s. Casting weapon active twice in succession will remove this effect.

Key of Destruction

In co-op raids, team deals 18.0% bonus Total DMG and restores 7.0% HP per second for 5.1s whenever a weapon skill is cast.

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