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Tranquil Rhapsody

Tranquil Rhapsody
ATK : 415 / CRT : 35

Best On

Original Weapon

Night Phantom

[SP: 0][CD: 20s] Hold the weapon active button to enter Nightwalk mode (last 2s), during which the wielder is immune to attack; release the button to make wielder reappear and leap backwards pulling in enemies around her and dealing 1000% ATK of AOE Ice DMG. If wielded by Sixth Serenade, she will gain 300 points of Nachtsicht upon entering Nightwalk mode; in Nightwalk mode, she gains another 300 points of Nachtsicht (once during each skill span) and deals 200% ATK of Ice DMG when passing through an enemy; after casting the weapon active, tap [ATK] to immediately unleash her Combo ATK at no Nachtsicht cost.

Dirge of Totenmond

After unleashing the weapon active or Ultimate, the wielder deals 40.0% more Total DMG for 9s; CD: 15.

Frost Raven

The wielder deals 40.0% more Ice DMG and her QTE deals 30.0% more Total DMG; if wielded by Sixth Serenade, her Raven Mark deals 30.0% more Ice DMG, and she significantly gains Ignore Interrupt for 5s after unleashing weapon active or Combo ATK.

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