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붕괴 3rd성흔Homecoming Theater (상)

Homecoming Theater (상)

Homecoming Theater (상)
HP : 362 / ATK : 98 / DEF : 22 / CRT : 0

For hits on enemies, character gains 10% Total DMG Reduction for 15s. CD: 5s. Stacks up to 3 times. New stacks do not reset duration. Starts battle with 3-stack buff.

Homecoming Theater

Homecoming Theater Set

Dark Night 2 세트

Upon killing an enemy, summon a Kindred. Trigger CD: 5s. For every Kindred present, character gains 10% Total DMG Multiplier. Max Kindred: 3. With 3 Kindreds, character gains Physical Immunity. Taking an enemy hit dispels the immunity and unsummons all Kindreds. No more Kindreds can be gained after 40s.

Dawn 3 세트

With 3 Kindreds, character gains a one-time 20% empowerment to Total DMG Multiplier for 10s. When all Kindreds disappear, character gains immediate healing of 2% Max HP/s for 10s.

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