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붕괴 3rd성흔Kallen - Hymn (중)

Kallen - Hymn (중)

Kallen - Hymn (중)
HP : 531 / ATK : 0 / DEF : 175 / CRT : 4

Upon entering battle, generate a Grace Shield. When taking enemy hits, take 400 less Physical DMG. Shield then disappears and enters a CD of 6s. While the Grace Shield is active, the host takes 30% less Indirect Physical DMG.

Kallen - Hymn

Celestial Hymn Set

Grace Judgment 2 세트

Spend at least 15, 70, and 125 SP at once to gain 8%, 15%, and 22% Total DMG Multiplier respectively for the entire team. Lasts 7s. Effect cannot stack.

Holy Mending 3 세트

When hitting an impaired enemy, the host heals 8% HP and gains 5% SP. CD: 8s.

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