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붕괴 3rd성흔Nobel (하)

Nobel (하)

Nobel (하)
HP : 435 / ATK : 64 / DEF : 66 / CRT : 8

When Combo/Charged ATK hits the enemy, enter Absorbed State. Absorbed State: enemies hit by Combo/Charged ATKs are weakened for 3s (ATK is reduced by 30.0%). Absorbed State ends and enters a 15s CD when host fails to hit an enemy using Combo/Charged ATK within 4s.


Blasting Explosive Set

Dynamite 2 세트

When Charged ATKs hit the enemy, generate an explosion centered on host that deals 180.0% of Physical DMG to nearby enemies. CD: 1s.

Igniter 3 세트

After each entry, the first 2 hits taken by the host will suffer 40.0% Total DMG Reduction and not interrupt her. Crit DMG of Charges ATKs increases by 30.0%. Explosion DMG of Dynamite increases to 200.0% ATK of Physical DMG.

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