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붕괴 3rd성흔Nuwa Figurine Master (중)

Nuwa Figurine Master (중)

Nuwa Figurine Master (중)
HP : 471 / ATK : 0 / DEF : 188 / CRT : 11

Combo ATKs gain 30% Physical DMG. After unleashing 3 Combo ATKs (CD: 1.5s), the host gains a shield for 5s that grants 15% Total DMG Reduction. Shield trigger CD: 6s.

Nuwa Figurine Master

Figurine Master Set

Destruction Doll 2 세트

After casting Ultimates 2 times, generate a Doll Aura with a 5-meter radius. Enemies in the AOE are immobilized and take 20% more Physical DMG. The Aura lasts 6. CD: 18s. This effect cannot stack.

Doll Control 3 세트

Shortens duration of debuffs on the host by 30%. Attacks against debuffed enemies also gain 30% Total DMG Multiplier.

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