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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdELFsJingwei's Wings

Jingwei's Wings

Ult CD: 40 / Ult SP Cost: 50


Blazing Pinion

Uses the Blazing Pinion to deal 400% ATK of Fire DMG against the target spot, and restores 5 SP upon hit.

Light Pursuer

ELF's Basic ATK deals 25.0% more Total DMG.

Legacy of Starfire

Perform Jingwei's Dance to heal Valkyries on the field for 100 HP per 0.25s for a total of 5 times. Once the Dance ends, the ELF releases her fiery energy to deal 1400% ATK of Fire DMG to enemies near the Valkyrie.

Fire Fairy

ELF's Fire DMG increases by 20% and heals 30% more HP for the Valkyrie.


When ELF casts Ultimate, heals the Valkyrie for 270 HP.


ELF healing effects improve by 24.0%.

Fire Signet

ELF Basic ATK additionally restores 5 SP; CD: 6s.


ELF's SP recovery rate increases by 12.0%.