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Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdELFsSelune's Elegy

Selune's Elegy

Ult CD: 30 / Ult SP Cost: 75


Shadow Strike

Swings her scythe to unleash multiple ATKs, dealing a total of 560% ATK of Ice DMG; restores 8 SP upon hit.

Fighting Will

Each of ELF's Basic ATK hits boosts ELF's Total DMG by 6.0% for 5s; stacks up to 3 times.


ELF's Basic ATK has a 10% chance to additionally deal 150.0% ATK of Ice DMG; CD: 20s.

Selune's Requiem

Hurls the scythe to deal 400%x5 ATK of AOE Ice DMG and summons Death's Aura that immobilizes enemies within and makes them take 5% more Ice DMG. Selune's Elegy attacks random targets in the aura 7 times (each target takes no more than 4 hits), with each attack dealing 800.0% ATK of Ice DMG to the target and nearby enemies. Afterwards, it deals 1500% ATK of Ice DMG to enemies within the aura, knocks them airborne and inflicts 18 Rime Trauma.

Icebound Rift

After an enemy is knocked airborne, the duration of the Freeze effect extends by 20% and it deals 250.0% bonus Ice DMG.

Ultimate Blitz

After unleashing ELF's Ultimate, ELF gains 25.0% Total DMG for 15s (effect duration resets when triggered again).

Dark Form

ELF's Ice DMG increases by 40.0%. Enemies will still take 5% more Ice DMG for 10s after escaping from Death's Aura.


ELF gains 1% Ice DMG for each hit against the same target; effect maxes at 15.0% and resets when the target is changed.

Field Captivity

[Team-triggered] With any Valkyrie(s) capable of dealing Ice DMG on the team, the Ice Vulnerability effect of Death's Aura is enhanced to 10.0%.


ELF's Ice DMG increases by 12.0%.

Energy Charge

ELF's SP recovery rate increases by 12.0%.

Phantom Flash

ELF's Ultimate CD shortens by 30.0%.


ELF's initial SP increases by 40.0.


ELF's Total DMG increases by 10.0% .