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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdELFsWater's Edge

Water's Edge

Ult CD: 30 / Ult SP Cost: 75


Blade Downpour

ELF has two Basic ATKs: Basic ATK 1: Launch two water projectiles each dealing 240% ATK of Ice DMG. Basic ATK 2: Swing the sword to emit a marching wave dealing 480% ATK of Ice DMG.

Pending Rain

ELF restores 2.2 SP per second in battle.

Imminent Storm

ELF's Basic ATKs deal 30.0% bonus Total DMG.

Purge of Evil

Channel a formation to gather enemies in a large area dealing 800% + 5x100% + 800% ATK of Ice DMG over 7s. Enemies within become Sunken and take 10.0% bonus Ice DMG until the formation ends. Dealing over 500 Ice DMG to enemies within the formation enhances the gathering for 1s. CD: 1s.

Refreshing Dew

When the formation ends, enemies still within stay Sunken for 6.0s longer.

Tainted Heart

Sunken enemies take 6.0% further bonus Ice DMG.


ELF's Ultimate deals 30.0% bonus Total DMG.


[Team] With one or more Ice DMG dealers on the team, Sunken enemies take 8.0% bonus Ice DMG.


ELF has 50.0 bonus initial SP.


[Team] With two or more Ice DMG dealers on the team, the Sunken status lasts for 3.0s longer additionally after the formation ends.

Water's Bane

When a QTE hits, ELF launches a blade wave dealing 800.0% ATK of Ice DMG to enemies on its path. CD: 10s.

Roaring Tides

ELF's Joint ATKs deal 30.0% bonus Ice DMG.

Unbridled Influx

ELF's Joint ATKs restore 9.0 SP.