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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Ult CD: 35 / Ult SP Cost: 75



ELF has two forms of Basic ATK: Basic ATK 1: Use scissors to snip twice each dealing 300% ATK of Fire DMG. Basic ATK 2: Spin scissors to deal 150% ATK of Fire DMG 4 times.

Heat Up

ELF restores 2.0 SP per second in battle.

Fire Mark

ELF's Basic ATKs boost her Total DMG by 50.0% on hit for 10s.


Casts a spell at the target location to create a magic field that immobilizes enemies within inflicting 6 Ignite Trauma, and explodes with a 2.5s delay dealing 3x700% + 1800% ATK of Fire DMG throughout the duration. Enemies within the field take 10.0% bonus Fire DMG for 13s. Restores 200 HP for all Valkyries.

Fiery Lock

ELF's initial SP increases by 50.0.

Cube of Conviction

ELF's Ultimate deals 60.0% bonus Fire DMG.

Fire of Blessings

The HP regen max charges from ELF's Ultimate increase to 25.0.


After ELF's Ultimate is cast, team obtains 20 charges of HP regen. Any team member whose HP is below 100% consumes 1 charge to restore 60 HP when she hits an enemy.

Caramel Pudding

ELF restores 20.0% more HP for Valkyries whose HP is below 50%.

Choc Lava Cake

[Lineup] ELF's Ultimate makes enemies take 15.0% bonus Fire DMG instead when there are 2 or more Fire DMG dealers on the team.

Double Sugar

[Lineup] When team leader is a Fire DMG dealer, team deals 10.0% bonus Fire DMG.


When a Valkyrie uses a weapon skill, ELF summons a black hole to fire 6 magic missiles each dealing 140% ATK of Fire DMG. CD: 15s.

Sirin's Help

Enemies hit by ELF's Joint ATKs take 10.0% bonus shield DMG for 12s.

Sirin's Support

Joint ATK's cooldown is reduced to 10.0s.

Sirin's Regard

Joint ATKs deal 200.0% bonus DMG to enemies or their shields which take fixed DMG.