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Honkai 3rdELFsElf Elysia

Elf Elysia

Ult CD: 45 / Ult SP Cost: 75


Beloved Elf

This ELF has two Basic ATKs: Basic ATK 1: Fires 3 consecutive magic projectiles, dealing 3x 250.0% ATK of Ice DMG. BasicATK 2: Fires 1 large magic projectile resulting in a 3-hit ATK, dealing 3x 250.0% ATK of Ice DMG. ELF regains 2.5SP per second in combat.

Miss Me?

Enemies stay frozen 10.0% longer.

Just In Time

Ultimate's enhanced magic increases Ice DMG by 10.0%.

La-La Land Magic

The ELF uses enhanced magic, making enemies receive 15.0% more Ice DMG for 10.0s (Triggering it again resets the duration). She then transforms and launches a powerful magic ATK that gathers nearby enemies. She finishes with an ATK that deals 3000.0% ATK of Ice DMG. Her Ultimate reduces switch CD for Valkyries on standby by 8s.

Fix-It Spell

Ice DMG effects last an additional 10.0s.

Unlocking Spell

Reduces Ultimate CD by 30.0%.

Opening Spell

Ultimate deals an additional 1200.0% ATK of Ice DMG.

Romantic Fairy Tale

Launches Combo ATK against frozen enemies on the field, dealing 850.0% ATK of Ice DMG (CD 20.0s).

On an Adventure

Combo ATK CD reduced by 5.0s.

Guiding Stars

Combo ATKs restore 3.0SP.

Paradise Ho!

Ultimate's Ice DMG increases 45.0%.

Resourceful Admin

[Team-triggered]With a team member capable of dealing Ice DMG, the whole team gains 10.0% more Ice DMG and ELF's Total DMG increases 15.0%.

Ready Or Not

ELF's initial SP increases by 50.0.


ELF's Total DMG increases by 40.0%.