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Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdELFsKiana Kaslana

Kiana Kaslana

Ult CD: 45 / Ult SP Cost: 75


Kiana, Go!

ELF has two Basic ATKs: Basic ATK 1: Fires 3 bullets, dealing 3 x 250.0% ATK of Fire DMG. Basic ATK 2: Swings the bat, dealing 3 x 850.0% ATK of Fire DMG. ELF recovers 1.5 SP per second in combat.

A Little Homesick

ELF's Basic ATK deals 30.0% more Total DMG and has 50.0 more initial SP.

Wanna Eat Pizza Toast

Unleashes the Ultimate and makes enemies take 8.0% more Fire and Lightning DMG for 20s.

Backpack's Getting Heavier

When ELF's Basic ATK hits an inflammable or conductive enemy, it restores extra 5.0 SP. CD: 2s.

Baffling Luck

ELF hits a home run and the baseball explodes, dealing 2 x 900.0% ATK of Fire DMG, pulling nearby enemies and creating an area. The baseball explodes again in 7s, dealing 1200.0% ATK of Fire DMG and pulling nearby enemies. Ultimate reduces switch CD for the Valkyries on standby by 8s and makes enemies receive 12.0% more Elemental DMG for 20s.

Found a Big Umbrella

[Team-triggered] When the leader is a Fire DMG dealer, ELF's Ultimate inflicts inflammable status over an area. When the leader is a Lightning DMG dealer, ELF's Ultimate deals Lightning DMG instead and inflicts conductive status over an area. If inflammable or conductive enemies take Lightning or Fire DMG respectively, they will detonate the Ultimate area prematurely, dealing 1500.0% ATK of Fire DMG + 1500.0% ATK of Lightning DMG and inflicting inflammable & conductive statuses for 20s.

More Yummies in My Bag

ELF's Ultimate and Ultimate's second explosion increase all team members' Elemental DMG by 10.0% for 12s. Triggering it again refreshes its duration.

Gold on the Floor

ELF deals 65.0% more Elemental DMG to inflammable and conductive enemies. ELF's Ultimate's premature detonation deals 45.0% more Total DMG.

Big Courage

[Team-triggered] When the leader is a Fire DMG dealer, ELF deals 30.0% more Fire DMG. When the leader is a Lightning DMG dealer, ELF deals 30.0% more Lightning DMG.

Of Course I Can

[Team-triggered] When the leader is a Lightning DMG dealer, ELF's Basic ATK and Joint ATK deal Lightning DMG instead.

I'll Keep it Up

Shortens ELF's Ultimate CD by 30.0%.

I Won't Give Up

[Team-triggered] When team members are of two or more elements, ELF and Valkyries deal 8.0% more Total DMG.

Small Wish

When a Valkyrie's Weapon Active deals DMG, ELF launches a Joint ATK, firing a charged-shot that deals 900.0% ATK of Fire DMG and pulls nearby enemies. Joint ATK CD: 10s.

Wanna Make Friends

[Team-triggered] When the leader is a Fire or Lightning DMG dealer, Joint ATK inflicts inflammable or conductive status.

Gotta Find Pops

Valkyries deal 15.0% more Fire or Lightning DMG to inflammable or conductive enemies.