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Divine Retribution

(CD 40s)
Triggers Global Time Fracture for 12s, during which, Falling Thunder is triggered every 2s, dealing 100% of ATK as Lightning DMG to all enemies and impairing them, and DEF is reduced by 80% for 5s.

Lightning Charge

(CD 40s)
Immediately restores 50 SP for deployed Valkyries with the Lightning Empress's help.

Black Hole

(CD 30s)
Summons Valkyrie Chariot, which unleashes a Black Hole that lasts 10s, sucking in enemies and causing Bleed. The ranged physical DMG taken by the sucked in enemies is increased by 27%, the total DMG dealt is reduced by 50%, the Ignore Interrupt is significantly reduced, and the enemies are Stunned for 6s after the Black Hole vanishes.

Arctic Snow

(CD 60s)
Summons Snowy Sniper to inflict 18 Rime Trauma to all enemies and increase the Physical DMG they take by 35% for 12s. Deals 150% of ATK as Ice DMG after the freeze ends.

Sector Lockdown

(CD 40s)
Summons Haxxor Bunny who continuously shoots at enemies with projection weapons, dealing 20 x 90% ATK of Ice DMG. All team members deal 15% more Ice DMG and 10% more Elemental DMG for 15s.

Blood Boost

(CD 40s)
The Blood Rose reduces the HP of the deployed Valkyrie by 30%, and increases the Total DMG dealt by the Valkyrie by 60% for 10s.

Ravaging Flame

(CD 60s)
Summon Vermillion Knight: Eclipse who swings her weapon to attack enemies, dealing 2500% ATK of Fire DMG and igniting them. Enemies hit will take 30% more Fire DMG for 15s.

Black Tortoise

(CD 50s)
Summon Starlit Astrologos to gather enemies and deal 3200% ATK of Physical DMG. The Valkyrie on field takes 20% less Total DMG and has increased Ignore Interrupt for 15s. The Valkyrie also deals 40% more Physical DMG for 18s.

Senpo: Snaring Flame

(CD 50s)
Summon Azure Empyrea to deal 1500% ATK of Fire DMG, and pull and immobilize enemies for 11s. Within 15s of hitting an enemy, all characters present recover 1 SP per 1s, all team members deal 30% more Elemental DMG to that enemy and enjoy much greater Ignore Interrupt, and deployed Valkyries gain 16% Elemental Breach.

God Hunter

(CD 45s)
Summon Fallen Rosemary's Garmr to attack, gather surrounding enemies, and deal 600% ATK of Lightning DMG. Add 10 Paralyze Trauma and increase Valkyrie Elemental DMG by 25% for 20s.

Eros and Eris

(CD 30s)
Summon Stygian Nymph who deals 1700% ATK of Physical DMG while inflicting Quantum Implosion once, gathering enemies and immobilizing them for 4s. The Valkyrie on field deals 15% more Total DMG for 15s.

Kontos Equites

(CD 30s)
Summons Bright Knight: Excelsis who attacks enemies with her lance, dealing 930% ATK of Physical DMG, inflicting 6 Heavy ATK Trauma, and blocking all DMG for the Valkyrie on field for 1s.

Nightbird's Call

(CD 60s)
Summons Midnight Absinthe, whose presence increases Valkyrie's Fire DMG by 20%. Her assault deals 6x150% of ATK as Fire DMG. She then shoots an explosive arrow at the ground, dealing 300% of ATK as Fire DMG on hit and 700% of ATK as Fire DMG to surrounding enemies by exploding, which also increases the team's Fire DMG by 30% for 18s. She simultaneously creates a Raven Cloud that lasts 18s over the battlefield. If the team damages the enemies in the cloud, the cloud explodes 1s later to deal 600% of ATK as Fire DMG.

Kitty's Predation!

(CD 50s)
Summon Reverist Calico to cast her Special ATK, dealing 800% ATK of Ice DMG and restoring 3 SP for the Valkyrie on field. Enemies hit will take 30% more Elemental DMG for 15s.