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Honkai 3rdStigmata (Set)Anniversary Festival set

Anniversary Festival set

White Comet - Burst Form (T)

HP : 495 / ATK : 79 / DEF : 61 / CRT : 0 (at Max Lv 50)

Burst Form

Ultimate Evasions generates an explosion around self that deals 180% ATK of Physical DMG to enemies. CD: 4s.
HP : 507 / ATK : 0 / DEF : 122 / CRT : 4 (at Max Lv 50)

Iron Wall Form

When hit by an enemy with lower HP percentage than the host, take 30% less Physical DMG.
HP : 458 / ATK : 33 / DEF : 70 / CRT : 8 (at Max Lv 50)

Transcend Form

Attacks on an enemy with lower HP percentage than the host gain 50% Crit DMG.

Anniversary Performance 2세트

Show Time shares a common CD of 10s. Ultimate Evasion starts Kiana's Taijutsu, gaining 45% Physical DMG for 5s. Combo ATKs start Mei's Chado Ceremony, healing the host for 30 HP/s for 5s. Being hit by enemy attack starts Bronya's Shooting Show, with said attack suffering 30% Total DMG Reduction and gaining 25% Attack Speed for 5s.

Festival 3세트

Gain 15% Max HP and 10% Crit Rate in battle.