We have decided to stop updating in-game data since v6.9

This is because we cannot extract in-game data anymore. If you can help us to extract the data, please join our discord channel and ping @s4kuraknoll. https://discord.gg/UnrM9T9PRs

Abyss Lab

Honkai 3rd

Elysian Realm
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Honkai 3rdStigmata (Set)Winter Symphony set

Winter Symphony set

Tchaikovsky (T)

HP : 222 / ATK : 55 / DEF : 62 / CRT : 0 (at Max Lv 35)

Sleeper's Thorn

When taking a melee hit, take 500 less Physical DMG and inflict 3 Paralyze Trauma on the attacker. CD: 10.0s.
HP : 284 / ATK : 0 / DEF : 103 / CRT : 3 (at Max Lv 35)

Clara's Dream

Casting weapon skill gives the host a 8.00% Indirect Physical DMG reduction buff. Max stacks: 4. DMG reduction lasts the entire battle but taking a hit removes all stacks.
HP : 253 / ATK : 25 / DEF : 55 / CRT : 6 (at Max Lv 35)

Odette's Pinion

Switching heals self for 20.00% Max HP. CD: 30.0s.

Pateticheskaya 2세트

After casting the Ultimate, next team member switching in gains a 10% Total DMG Multiplier buff (does not stack) for 10s. CD: 30s.

Zimniye gryozy 3세트

After casting the Ultimate, next team member switching in takes 30% less Indirect DMG (effect does not stack) for 10s and restores HP equal to 10% of the host's Max HP. CD: 30s.